Digital Europe 2030 Event June 27, 2023


When bots manipulate electoral behaviour and automated algorithms determine your creditworthiness based on your digital user behaviour, the risks of digital technologies for democratic societies become visible. In order to proactively counter these risks and to fully harness the potential of digitalisation, business, science, civil society, and politics need to combine their commitment.  
We are looking forward to further strengthen this commitment at our network meeting on June 27, 2023 in Berlin. Together with national and international representatives of the digital tech ecosystem, we would like to discuss solutions for more digital responsibility. 
One proposed solution: the Democracy by Design toolkit, which we developed in our #Digital Europe 2030 project together with the #Alliance of Democracy Foundation. With the toolkit, we pursue the goal of drawing tech companies’ attention to their social and democratic responsibility and at the same time want to illustrate ways in which digital technologies can be designed more democratically and ethically. 
In addition to the presentation of the Democracy by Design Toolkit, Julia Reinhardt, Senior Fellow Stiftung Mercator at AI Campus Berlin, will provide an impulse on regulation and responsibility and Faruk Tuncer, CEO at Polyteia, another impulse on the role of GovTech in democracies. 
We are looking forward to an exciting exchange!