News Palais Populaire, Berlin, November 30, 2022


The current federal government of SPD, Greens and FPD has committed itself to an feminist foreign policy in its coalition agreement. This is linked to the goal of strengthening the rights, representation and resources of women and other marginalised groups in international politics.

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is honoured to host the closing event of the Foreign Office's Foreign Feminist Policy seminar on 30 November 2022. Karin Marschall, Director of the Foreign Service Academy and Anna Herrhausen welcome to the closing reception at the Palais Populaire.

The seminar on Feminist Foreign Policy of the International Diplomats' Training of the Federal Foreign Office brings together young foreign diplomats from the embassies in Germany to exchange experiences, successes and challenges from their respective countries. In various workshops, lectures and discussion rounds, the participants come into exchange with decision-makers and experts from politics, academia and civil society. In this way, the seminar aims to develop ideas for implementation and possible courses of action for feminist foreign policy, thus contributing to the development of German guidelines.

The participants of the diplomats' programme included young diplomats from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Romania, South Sudan, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. In addition to the young diplomats, the ambassadors of the respective countries as well as decision-makers and representatives from politics, academia and civil society are invited to the closing reception.