AHG May 20, 2022


Latest issue of our AHG Quarterly

Russia's war against Ukraine is not only transforming the global order, but Europe and Germany also have to face up to some uncomfortable questions, for instance concerning our commitment to pacifism. Whether energy crisis, skyrocketing prices or geopolitical shifts: The war in Ukraine forces us to finally confront the difficult questions we’ve been avoiding for years. We have to ask ourselves: How can our liberal democratic model of society in Europe become future-proof - in the face of war and crises, climate change and polarisation? Together with the social market economy, it is a central foundation for social and economic progress.

This question we address in our latest newsletter.

We at the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft advocate for progress on both fronts, social and economic, and considers the processes of social, political and technological transformation that shape our day-to-day lives. In future, we will work with an even sharper focus on contributing to change in a responsible manner. This ambitious priority also leads to changes in our organisation - new mission statement, new communication, new cooperation.

Read the complete issue online here and find out what transformations in the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft you can expect and how we want to shape change!